Voltmeter Connection Diagram For AC/DC

 This post is about the voltmeter connection diagram, in this post you will learn about wiring connection of A DC voltmeter and AC voltmeter. As you know the pressure which makes the flow of current is called voltage, the unit of voltage is volt and it's denoted by "V" in circuits. For measuring the current pressure, we used voltmeter. The voltmeter is available in two types in which are analog and digital. The wiring of a voltmeter for DC and single-phase is same. In a DC voltmeter, we have two connection points for negative and positive. For AC single phase voltmeter we have also two terminals for supply. Where we connect the neutral and line wire.

Voltmeter Connection Diagram For DC (Direct Current) and AC (Alternating Current)


How the voltmeter is connected?

The voltmeter is measuring device which is always connected in parallel connection is the circuit. If you to install with single phase, you need to provide the single-phase supply to the voltmeter. While the ammeter is connected in series connection in the circuit.

What is voltmeter with diagram?

A voltmeter is an instrument which measures the voltage between two points in an electric circuit. In the below voltmeter connection diagram, I have shown voltmeter diagram for AC single phase and for DC which show the battery voltage.

voltmeter connection diagram

What is the symbol of Voltmeter?

As you know volt is unit of pressure and it's denoted by "V" in the circuit. The symbol of the voltmeter is a circle inside the letter "V". While ammeter symbol represented with circle inside letter "A".

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