Wiring Multiple Lights To One Switch Diagram

 Wiring multiple lights to one switch diagram, to wire multiple lights to one switch. Or to control multiple lights bulbs from one switch is a too simple and easy connection.  In this type of connection, we provide neutral wire to all light bulbs, and the Line wire is controlled from the one-way switch. And line wire connected to the switch and when switching ON, the line wire supply is starting to all light bulbs. And all bulbs will glow up.

Wiring multiple light bulbs to one switch diagram

In the below multiple lights wiring diagram, I have shown 3 light bulbs which can switch ON/OFF by only one switch. the neutral wire connected to all 3 lights direct and Line wire from the switch.

wiring multiple lights to one switch diagram

If you want to wire more lights with one switch, you can follow the same method which has shown in the above multiple lights to one switch diagram.

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