Switched Outlet Wiring Diagram

A switched outlet wiring diagram is a simple connection of electrical wiring, in which an outlet wired with a switch. This switch is wired with a line wire and the outlet line wire is controlled by the switch. When we switch ON the switch, the outlet starts working. As you know there are different types of outlets, the two-pin outlets, and three-pin outlets. In two-pin outlets when having two points for 2 wire supply (neutral and line wire). And in 3 pin outlets (power plug), we have 3 points two for neutral and line (phase wire) and 3rd for earth wire (ground wire). In this post, you will learn how to wire a two-pin outlet with a switch. 

Switch Outlet Wiring Diagram - How to wire a switched outlet 

In the below diagram, I have shown an outlet, one-way switch, and electric supply with N/L (single-phase). The neutral wire (black color) is connected directly to the outlet. The Line wire is connected to the switch and from the switch, the supply goes to the outlet 2nd terminal. Not that is the body of the board is made from metal then also connect an earth wire. 

switched outlet wiring diagram

I hope now you will learn how to wire a switched outlet wiring diagram, IN SHA ALLAH soon I will post about the power plug wiring or 3 pin outlet with a switch. However, If need more wiring diagram then you can post in below comments section. 

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