Single Phase Energy Meter Connection Diagram kWh

 Single phase energy meter connection kWh, This post is about the single-phase kWh meter wiring diagram. As you know there are two types of energy meters (Analog and Digital), but nowadays we mostly use digital energy meters. However, the wiring of analog and digital kWh energy meter connection is the same. Mostly the on energy meter the wiring diagram is provided by the manufacturing company. In the below diagram I have shown how to wire a single-phase energy meter kWh.

Single phase energy meter connection kWh diagram

In the below energy meter wiring diagram, I have shown a single phase kWh meter single-phase supply, The line wire is connected in the first terminal, and the neutral wire is connected in the second terminal. This is the incoming power supply. The neutral wire goes to load from the 3rd terminal and the line wire goes from the fourth terminal.

single phase energy meter connection

The single-phase kWh energy meter connection is too easy, however, the wiring connection can be different according to different models. So before installing a kWh energy meter, first look at the company diagram. 

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