kWh Meter 3 Phase Wiring Diagram

 kWh meter 3 phase wiring diagram, in my last post I write about the single-phase kWh energy meter wiring diagram. In this post, you will learn how to wire a three-phase energy meter with the main 4 pole MCB circuit breaker. The 3 phase energy meter has worked with 3 phase 4 wires system, which means that we also wire neutral wire with an energy meter.

kWh Meter 3 Phase Wiring Diagram or How to wire 3 phase kWh Energy meter

In the three-phase kWh energy meter, we have 8 terminals, in which 4 for incoming power supply (3 phase 4 wire system) and 4 for outgoing supply to the load. In the below kWh meter 3 phase wiring diagram, all the connections are shown. However, it's can be different according to different models and shapes. So before installing a 3 phase kWh energy meter, first look at the company diagram. may it's different so follow the company diagram. However, most of the energy meter wiring connections are the same as the below diagram.

kwh meter 3 phase wiring diagram

In the above diagram, a 4 pole MCB circuit breaker is also wired. However, you can also use the MCCB circuit breaker according to your load.

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