4 Way Switch Wiring Diagram

 In this post, you will learn about the 4 way switch wiring diagram, in the last post I wrote about the 4-way switch working and how to use a 4-way switch. We also discuss the difference between 4 way and a 3-way switch. As you know that 3-way switch is used for controlling light bulbs from 2 places as in the staircase wiring connection. And when we want to control a light bulb from more than two places, then this work can be done using a 4-way switch. 

4 Way Switch Wiring Diagram 

In the below 4 way light switch diagram, I have shown a light bulb control from 3 switches, in the below wiring connection diagram, I have used two "3-way switches" and one "4-way switch". As you know if want to control a light from more than two places then we can do this with a 4-way switch. 

4 way switch wiring diagram

In the above 4-way switch wiring connection diagram, I have shown the complete wiring connection of 3 way and 4-way switch. In the above connection, the neutral wire is connected directly to the light bulb holder/socket and the line wire throws the switches.

What if a 4-way switch is not available 

The 4-way switch is 4 terminals, and mostly available in markets, but in most cases, one-way and 3-way switches are mostly used, so it's possible that 4 way switch not available in your nearest market. However, you can purchase it online. 

The 4-way switch is the combination of two 3-way switches, and a 3-way switch is a single pole double throw. So it means that you can make the 4-way switch from double pole double throw switch. And the connection of a double pole double throw switch is too simple. Soon I will write about the working of double pole double throw switch. 

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