4 Way Switch Diagram - How 4 Way Switch works?

 4 way switch diagram, in this post you will learn about 4 way switch and working of 4-way switch. As you know there are different types of switches, which we use for different purposes and control. In our house wiring, we use mostly two types of switches, In which one is a single pole single throw switch (one-way switch) and a single pole double throw (2 way or 3-way switch). However, this post is about the 4-way switch wiring connection diagram.

4 Way Switch Diagram

How does a 4-way switch work?

Four-way switch is the combination of two 3 way switches, which we used for controlling lights from three or 4 places. The 4-way switch has 4 terminals when switch on up position the current flow form two terminals, and when switch on down position the current flow from the same terminal but this time has a cross-connection.


What is the difference between a 3-way switch and a 4-way switch?

 A 3-way switch has 3 terminals (single pole double throw) and a 4-way switch have 4 terminals. A 3 way switch is used for switching a light from two places, such as in staircase connection. But using a 4 way switch you can switch a light bulb from more than two places. 


How do you wire a 4-way switch diagram?

 In the below 4-way switch wiring diagram, I have shown the complete working and connection of 4 way switch. In the below diagram I have shown, how 4 way switch works. 

4 way switch diagram

In the above 4 way switch wiring diagram, the up position and down position internal connection shown. 


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