Voltmeter Selector Switch Connection Diagram

 Voltmeter Selector Switch Connection Diagram 

This post is about the voltmeter selector switch connection diagram, As you know that in 3 phase panel board or distribution board, we need to measure- the 3 phase voltage between the line to line and line to neutral. For that type of testing voltage, we can install the two-volt meters which can provide the voltage data between the line to line voltage. But if we need to test each line to line voltage and each line to neutral voltage with only a voltmeter. Then our need can be complete with a voltmeter selector switch. By using a voltmeter selector switch we can easily test the voltage of 3 phase 4 wire system. However, we can also use it for only 3 phase system.

How to wire voltmeter selector switch for 3 phase 4 wire system

In the below voltmeter selector switch wiring diagram, I have shown a complete connection of voltmeter selector switch, note that there are two types of the voltmeter selector switch. One for 3 phase voltage testing, which can test voltage between L1 and L2, L2 and L3, L3 and L1. And 2nd for 3 phase four wire system, where you can test voltage between Line to Line and Line to Neutral. Below both "voltmeter selector switch connection diagram" have shown. 

voltmeter selector switch connection diagram

voltmeter selector switch connection

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