RCCB Wiring Connection Diagram With MCB

Today you will learn the proper RCCB wiring connection with the MCB circuit breaker in the main distribution board. As you know in the main distribution board we have MCB circuit breakers that provide protection against overcurrent flow to the circuit and short circuit. But we need more protection, which protects us from electric shocks or provides protection us from electric accidents.- For that, we install the RCCB with MCB in the Distribution board. I know there are many people and mostly electrical engineering students who search for proper connection of RCCB with MCB. 

Correct RCCB Wiring Connection Diagram

This post is about the complete RCCB wiring connection with a simple diagram, which helps you to understand the wiring of RCCB in the Distribution board with the MCB circuit breaker. Before we take a look at the RCCB wiring diagram, first we need to know about MCB and RCCB.

What is MCB Circuit Breaker?

MCB means "Miniature Circuit Breaker" which is a protective device that provides protection of overcurrent flow, or overload protection, and short circuit protection. 

What is RCCB?

RCCB means "Residual Current Circuit Breaker", Also know as RCD (residual current device). This device provides protection when leakage current flows.

RCCB Wiring With MCB

In the below diagram, I have shown an RCCB wiring connection with the MCB circuit breaker. In the below diagram, a double pole MCB circuit breaker wire with a fixed 2 pole RCCB. In the RCCB wiring diagram, a single-phase kWh energy meter connection shown with double pole MCB and RCCB to load. This is a simple and proper method of wiring an RCCB.

rccb wiring

I hope this post helps you to understand the connection and method of wiring an RCD or RCCB. Also, take a look at below.

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