How To Wire A Light Switch Diagram

 To wire a light switch is a simple and easy connection, but for a new person, it's important to know "how to wire a light switch diagram". This post makes you understand the connection of wiring a light switch. The post contains a simple and easy diagram about wiring a light switch. Or How to wire light with one-way switch. As you know there are different types of switches according to shapes and types. Like single pole single throw, double pole double throw, single pole double throw, etc. Mostly known with names of one-way switch, two-way switch, a three-way switch, and four-way switch. All have their own work and be used for different types of switching in electric circuits. 

How to wire a light switch diagram

Below "wiring a light switch diagram is shown, in which Line wire is connected to switch and neutral wire direct connects to the light bulb socket.
how to wire a light switch diagram

Now let's control two light bulbs for a switch, in the below diagram, multiple lights wired with a light switch.

multiple light switch wiring diagram

In the above wiring a light switch diagram, two lights are controlled with one switch, in the below diagram, 3 light bulbs controlled with one switch.

multiple light wiring diagram

Note that "one-way switch" is a single pole single throw switch (SPST switch), I hope now understood the wiring connection of a light switch. Now if you have any questions according to this post, let us know by using the comments section. 

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