14 Pin Relay Wiring Diagram - Base Wiring Diagram

 This post is about the 14 pin relay wiring diagram or 14 pin relay base wiring diagram. A relay is an electromagnetic switch that has different types according to the ratting voltage and amperes. A 14 pin relay is one of these types. which have 2 coil points and 12 other pin or connection points. in which 4 pins are common, 4 pins are normally close and 4 pins are normally open. This relay can be used for different types of switching, interlocking system, or controlling. The ratting voltage for the relay coil can be in DC (direct current) or in AC (Alternating current).

14 Pin Relay wiring diagram, base wiring diagram

The below diagram about the base and relay wiring.

14 pin relay base wiring diagram

I hope the above 14 pin relay base diagram helps you, and now you will be able to wire or install a 14 pin relay with a base. Now if you have any questions, according to relay, you can ask your questions in the below comments seaction. Further, we will use this relay in many electric circuts. 


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