Window AC PCB Wiring Diagram

 Window AC PCB Wiring Diagram 

This post is about the remote-control window ac wiring diagram, this post contains a window ac PCB wiring diagram. As you know that in old Window A/C we have some switches which control the Window air conditioner. In Which a thermostat switch which switches off the compressor when the A/C cools the room on setup temperature. A selector switch will be used to switch on the A/C (compressor) and regulate the fan speed. All a switch for swing motor. But nowadays mostly New Model Window air conditioners are controlled with a PCB kit just like a split unit. And also, can be operated with a wireless remote.  You can switch on/off the A/C, set up temperature, and also regulate the speed of the blower (fan). 

Remote Control Window Air Conditioner Wiring Diagram 

In the Below Window ac wiring diagram, all wiring connections shown. In which compressor connection with capacitor and overload protector to the PCB kit relay, air swing motor, transformer (which is used for operating the PCB kit), Rome tube probe, room temperature probe, fan motor connection with a capacitor.

window ac pcb wiring diagram

Here I have shown the front view of the A/C.

window ac pcb kit wiring diagram

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I hope this window A/C diagram help to understand how to wiring in a Window A/C. However, if you have any questions regarding this post. kindly post your question in the below comment section. 


  1. I want to repair my pcb transformer my pcb transformer is destroy my account is window voltas 1.5ton so what I can do

  2. Plz tell me blue star ac sensor velues

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