Wiring A 2 Way Light Switch For The Staircase

Today I am writing and sharing a diagram about the wiring a 2 way light switch for the staircase. For staircase wiring we use the 3 ways switches also known as the name of the 2 ways switches. This switch is a single pole double throw switch which means that switch has one common terminal which has contact with one terminal at the same time.
By using this staircase wiring connection a light bulb is controlled by two places (switches). In this type of wiring connection if a person switches ON the light bulb from one switch then he/she can switch OFF the light bulb from the 2nd switch. 

Wiring a 2 way light switch for the staircase diagram

In the below diagram I have shown the simple staircase wiring diagram, in which the neutral wire is connected directly to the light bulb socket/holder. the line wire is connected to the first switch common point and two wires connected between both switches as shown in the below diagram. From the second switch common point the Line wire is goest to the light bulb. Note date a 3-way switch or 2-way switch is a single pole double through switch. 

wiring a 2 way light switch for the staircase

I hope know can do the connection of "wiring a 2 way light switch for the staircase", you can also do this connection with another method. But this one simple and easy. However, if want to learn about the next method of controlling light bulb from two places then tell me in below comments section. IN SHA ALLAH soon I will post a diagram. 

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