Series Testing Board Connection

Series Testing Board Connection Diagram

Today I am writing about the series testing board connection diagram. A series testing board is a simple and very useful board for testing. And further, we use this board for different types of testing such a connectivity test, short circuit test, motor winding resistance, etc. In a series testing board, we have a 2-pin outlet or plug socket which is connected with a light bulb. In the below series testing board wiring diagram, all connections shown with a simple method.

series testing board connection

To make a series testing board, you need a board sheet, - light socket, and an outlet socket. But this board can only test the high resistance equipment, not low resistance light water heater element-, iron. So, for that, you need to make a series-parallel testing board. And we need to put a one-way switch. So, this switch can be used for light on/off also. And by using the one-way switch, now this board is able to test low resistance equipment.

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