Direct Cool Refrigerator Wiring Diagram

Direct cool refrigerator wiring diagram. This post is about the simple direct cool fridge wiring diagram. From the diagram, you will complete learning the refrigerator wiring diagram. In the diagram, all connections are shown like a thermostat, PTC Relay, Overload protector, compressor, heater, lamp, and switch.

Direct Cool Refrigerator / Fridge Wiring Diagram

In the below wiring diagram. The thermostat is used to control the compressor or switch off the compressor when it's complete cooling. And switch on the heater. Starting relay is used to start ing the compressor. The overload protector used to save the compressor during overcurrent flow to the compressor.  The push-button switch is used for the lamp (light bulb) to switch on the lamp when the door is open. This switch is also called a limit switch. In the bellow direct cool fridge wiring diagram, the earthling connection is also shown.

direct cool refrigerator wiring diagram

I hope the above direct cool refrigerator wiring diagram helps you to wire your refrigerator. Note that this is a direct cool fridge wiring diagram. And if you want to learn about the no frost refrigerator wiring diagram then the below post is for you..

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