Capacitor Start Capacitor Run Compressor PTC Relay Wiring Diagram

This post is about the capacitor start capacitor run compressor PTC relay wiring diagram. In the ptc relay wiring diagram. A complete connection has shown how to connect the starting and running capacitor to a compressor PTC (positive temperature coefficient) relay.

Capacitor Start Capacitor Run (CSCR) With PTC Relay Wiring Diagram

Rcapacitor start capacitor run compressor

In the above compressor PTC relay wiring diagram. The starting and running capacitor connection shown with PTC relay. Also, the thermal overload protector connection is shown with the compressor.


  1. This diagram was very helpful. Moreso, I am looking to collaborate with an experienced Electrical Electronic Engineer at a Mechatronic system project of mine. Additional help will be appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Hello dear you said we have 2 capacitors in my Hotpoint refrigerator I found one only ana my refrigerator not cooling thank you.

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