Electronic Overload Relay Wiring Diagram EOCR - SS

This post is about the electronic overload relay wiring diagram, EOCR SS. Here is the complete wiring diagram and other details about the EOCR relay. First, see the wiring diagram or how to use the eocr relay for 3 phase motor.

EOCR-SS Electronic Overload Relay Wiring Diagram With DOL Starter

In the below diagram the complete connection shown. The relay is used with a direct online starter for 3 phase motor. In the diagram, all the main motor power wiring and controlling wiring is shown.
The three phase supply is shown with L1, L2, L3. MC means a magnetic contactor. The normally close and normally open push button shown. And all the wiring is shown with a complete connection and installation guide.

electronic overload relay wiring diagram

Here is the image of the electronic overload relay. You can see the different options for setting the current, delay time, and O time.

eocr ss relay

Specification of EOCR Relay

  • Voltage System Negative Sequence    Over-Current Circuit Breaker Lock    Protection
  • Hard Condition Resistant
  • Separate Set-up for each Operation    Delay / Operation Delay Time
  • Operation Indicator and Identification of  Actual Current (LED)
  • Over-Current Circuit Breaker Lock Protection
Used of EOCR Relay SS

  • Break down watch the current relay
  • The low voltage induced electric motor (440 Volts) protective relay
  • Separate set up for each operation delay/operation delay time
The function of Relay EOCR SS

  • Circuit breaker protection operated by overcurrent
  • Over-current protection
  • Lock protection
  • Green Led indicating power and operation
  • Red led indication Trip or overload status.

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